• Hr.Ms.Banckert Welkom

    Dit is onze nieuwe look, hard aan gewerkt

    Intuitive UI.

    An advanced interface, used for all layout types, to easily configure RokSprocket.

    Headlines Layout.

    A snippet layout type, ideal for previewing content items, such as for newsflash articles.

    Mosaic Layout.

    A grid type layout mode to easily display multiple content blocks, in a magazine format.

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  • Hr.Ms. Banckert

    De website voor vrienden en ex bemannings leden


    Nieuwe video's die aleen op onze website staan

    Facebook Inloggen

    Je kan nu ook inloggen met je facebook account.


    Nieuwe foto's en ook mogelijkheden om foto's op te laden

    Word lid

  • Advanced Menus

    ((Choose between two available menu options, Dropdown Menu or SplitMenu, or none))

    Dropdown Menu.

    A CSS based dropdown menu, with support for multiple columns with custom widths.

    More Features.

    The Dropdown Menu also has support for inline text, icons, modules and positions.


    A versatile, static horizontal menu system that displays its children in the sidebar.

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